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London based artist BILES debuts the 5th release of MO-OB Music titled ODD’ONE’OUT EP, including Tom Frankel’s remix.

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London-based artist BILES debuts the 5th release of Tenerife-based label MO-OB Music titled ODD'ONE'OUT EP, including Tom Frankel's remix.

After releasing the single Peanut Butter Jelly on MO-OB Music‘s 3rd release, it was an imminent fact that London based artist Biles would return to the Tenerife label with a solo EP.

Featuring 03 original cuts by Biles and one remix by Tom Frankel with a powerful UK Garage sound present. ODD’ONE’OUT EP is an exclusive EP full of edgy beats and scenic panoramas.

Odd’One’Out EP starts with the title cut of the release. Where Biles prints a modern and melodic minimalist cut, loaded with glitchy textures, spacey pads and an immersive bassline. On the 2nd cut, we find the futuristic gem Trip & Dip. A voyage of interstellar rhythms that transport us to a future led by drum machines and synths.

Halfway through the EP, we find the song At’Night. Like the first two cuts, it offers a minimalist setting full of futuristic nuances, otherworldly melodies and edgy soundscapes. To close the EP, we have the remix of the London producer Tom Frankel of Odd’One’Out. With a bassline that takes over our senses, the British artist highlights an exquisite futuristic UK Garage sound. A production where all the elements bring in a balanced way a 3Dimensional effect to the cut.

From now on you can buy Biles’ Odd’One’Out EP exclusively on Beatport, by clicking here.

Without a doubt, Tenerife based label MO-OB Music delivers a great EP full of modern beats and science fiction melodies from London based artists Biles and Tom Frankel. An EP consisting of 04 electronic gems that combine minimalist beats, breaks and UK Garage sounds.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to visit and support the social media of the London artists involved in the EP.

Biles: Fb / Ig / Sc
Tom Frankel: Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits: Beatport

London-based artist BILES debuts the 5th release of Tenerife-based label MO-OB Music titled ODD'ONE'OUT EP, including Tom Frankel's remix.

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