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“TRESOR” the iconic Berlin underground club

Tresor is a techno nightclub in Berlin. Of underground origin, today it is considered one of the most iconic clubs in the techno culture.


Tresor is a techno nightclub in Berlin. Of underground origin, today it is considered one of the most iconic clubs in the techno culture.

At midnight, on March 13th 1991, a basement door opened at Leipziger Strasse 126, Berlin. Through this door, many passed, on their way to defining new terrains in electronic music. There they found a dance floor in the vaults of a closed-down department store, with a unique sound bound to dense fog, building night after night a history that was also a vision of the future.

This history has seen in Jeff Mills’ first sets on three turntables. Underground Resistance’s first live appearances in Europe. Grandiose Tresor Park parties, to various chapters of the Loveparade with Sven Väth in the 90s and since then countless generation-spanning parties.

These moments represent the highlights of infinite personal clubbing experiences. It is the manifestation of the Berlin spirit, emerging from its considerable strife. This history is not without its complications – from temporary closure by the authorities and several raids in the early years to closure and demolition of the old location in 2005. What followed was years of wandering in exile and, finally, resurrection in the new home in Kraftwerk Berlin.

Tresor Records was founded in the same year and began to serve as a platform for exporting the new sounds associated with Tresor all around the world. Emergent musicians from Michigan, such as Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance and Drexciya, were pivotal in shaping these early years. Their visits to Berlin would kick-start dialogue between the youth movement in Europe and these musicians.

Tresor Records has been the fertile soil for dozens upon dozens of creative minds, from the very luminaries of the scene who developed electronic music over the last three decades through to contemporary protagonists who are currently defining the sound of the future – A more than 300 strong catalogue displays an unmistakable identity – the Tresor spirit.

To those that have danced before, and to those that will dance in the future: the light at the end of the long Tresor tunnel is a signal. A flicker amidst the fog. This is our future. This is our place.

The legendary Berlin club always highlights a vibrant calendar of events to celebrate and this October will be no exception. Tresor Berlin has prepared 16 dates with some of the best names in the current underground global scene.

A series of finest selected events that promise great music and top talents. Among them, highlighting artists such as: Gianmarco Silvetti, Oscar Mulero, Jensen Interceptor, Messiahwaits, Surgeon, Jonas Xenon, Mython. Omon Breaker, Octave One, Chlär, Remco Beekwilder, Dave Clarke and many others.

For more information and to purchase tickets for Tresor Berlin’s October evening programme, please visit the following link.

Finally, at Valetronic, we invite you to visit and follow Tresor Berlin’s social media (Fb / Ig / Sc / Web), to be aware of all its monthly programming. On the other hand, we suggest these notes that may also interest you. “Ultra-rare jackets” stolen from TRESOR 31 exhibition. “Les Enfants Brillants” the must of clubbing in Barcelona. MIRA Digital Arts Festival – Barcelona 2022.

Credits: tresorberlin

Tresor is a techno nightclub in Berlin. Of underground origin, today it is considered one of the most iconic clubs in the techno culture.

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